Now where’s that Stones U.S. tour? Chop chop! International Business Times:

If 2012 is anything, it is the year of Mick Jagger. From his performance while hosting “Saturday Night Live” to the Rolling Stones’ 50-year anniversary to a controversial biography depicting his many lovers which include the likes of David Bowie, it couldn’t be more appropriate to celebrate the 69th birthday for an influential international sex icon and artist.

Jagger, who turned 69-years-young on Thursday was born in Kent, England to a middle-class family. After leaving school in the 1960’s, Jagger reunited with a former friend named Keith Richards in addition to Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman to create a band originally called the Rollin’ Stones. The group, which later changed to what we know now as The Rolling Stones, had their first performance on July 12, 1962 and released their first album in 1964.

The rest of the Rolling Stones’ 50 year history, selling over 200 million albums, is well, rock ‘n’ roll history.

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