Send your demos to 6100 Old Park Lane, Orlando, FL 32835! Full story at Rolling Stone:

“We want to find bands that need a leg up. We take them for a year, make a record with them, give them video money, give them a van, get a booking agent to help them get on the road, and hopefully find them another label that is going to house and better build them for the long-term. We do all this with them, and they keep every penny of everything and they walk after 12 months.”

“More or less, it’s a marketing budgeted expense that gives us the freedom to not worry about if a band sells 100,000 copies or 100 copies, ” says Buell. “The success for us is taking a band that doesn’t have the means to tour but really wants to pursue their dream of getting on the road. We’re hoping that it’s a long-term marketing thing, so that when they are out on tour and any bands they are playing with, hopefully they are talking positively about Hard Rock.”


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