Egyptian anti-government activists have called for a mass Shake-in, encouraging protesters to do the “Harlem Shake” in front of the headquarters of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party. Via Washington Times:

“We’re creating a new group called Satiric Revolutionary Struggle that aims to send clear messages to the Muslim Brotherhood through satire,” activist and Modern Academy student Farid Sayed said, according to Egypt Daily News.

“The event is in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters because we know their office is ruling the country”, Mr. Sayed added.

Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Mahmoud Ghozlan told the Daily News that while peaceful demonstrations are welcomed, any violence will be quashed and protesters will be arrested.

“It is not guaranteed to be peaceful. These matters always lead to violence which is unacceptable,” Mr. Ghozlan commented.

The viral video trend has already taken on political overtones in the Middle East. Earlier this week, four Egyptian students were arrested for committing “a scandalous act,” while shooting their own “Shake” video. Similar incidents have taken place in Tunisia. Via News.com.au:

School officials said the students took to the streets outside where they were set up upon by about 20 Salafists, ultra-conservative Muslims, who warned them against “this Western dance of misbelievers”.

The same assailants returned on Thursday and attacked the students, they said.

At Manouba University in a suburb of Tunis, a regular scene of incidents between secular students and Salafists, Islamists clashed on Thursday with youths also trying to film the Harlem Shake, a school caretaker told AFP.

Neither Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki nor Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi have commented on the events Shaking their countries, although they have been spotted wearing a panda head and a clown mask, respectively.

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