Harley Flanagan, former bassist for the Cro-Mags and walking weapon, got in a bit of a kerfuffle this past summer at a Cro-Mags reunion at Webster Hall.

Vice was on the scene outside of Harley Flanagan’s court hearing for the case, and they think he’s a swell guy:

Regardless of what you may have heard, Harley’s older, calmer, and much kinder now. He’s beyond the age of quarrel.

They also report that Flanagan maintains he was the victim:

He was invited backstage and was ambushed, and in a subsequent fight for his life got stabbed, coming out of the VIP room with an oozing leg wound that at first looked like a compound fracture. “The only thing I did wrong that night was go out to the club,” said Flanagan on Thursday. “I got jumped by a bunch of wannabe thugs.”

Case closed.

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