We realize that damage to a record collection was by no means the worst thing that happened during Hurricane Sandy, but this will still break the heart of any serious music lover. The loss here, both in terms of dollar figures and sentimental value, is pretty intense.

Matthew T. Kaplan is an entertainment lawyer who’s spent more than two decades representing independent artists and labels, helping them not get screwed over. His client list includes acts like Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst, Titus Andronicus and Real Estate, as well as labels like Barsuk, Jade Tree and Carpark. It’s probably not surprising, then, that Kaplan keeps quite a few records in his office in Weehawken, NJ. Here’s what he saw when he went in to work for the first time after Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard earlier this week.

In an e-mail, Kaplan said that he figures he lost about 2,000 records, including all of his recent acquisitions.

Thank you all of your kind thoughts and wishes, it is really bad. In the end it looks like about 2000 albums and 20 feet of singles were drowned. This includes everything that I’ve gotten in the last year to 18 months and all of the jazz singles, ska, reggae and the complete Two Tone singles collection

Even if insurance covers this, some of those records can’t be replaced at any price. I think anyone with even a semi-serious a record collection feels his pain right now.

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