As the music business prepares to say goodbye to Meredith Israel Thomas, a former publicity and marketing executive for RCA records who worked with Dave Matthews Band and King of Leon among others, she shares the last few weeks of her life. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Meredith has detailed nearly every turn of her journey in a journal that she’s maintained fastidiously on Caringbridge.org. With some 200,000 visits and cross-posts on Facebook, it didn’t take long for many of her former music business colleagues to hear the news. More learned of Meredith’s life and tremendous courage via the Huffington Post, which picked up her story, and later The Daily Mail and Miami Herald.

True, Meredith had connections in the press from her years drumming up the covers of Rolling Stone and Spin for her bands, but considering the candidness, wit, sass and easy flow of her posts—an example: “I still can’t believe that my perfect boobs are going to be the reason I die … I use [sic] to tell everyone how I loved my boobs when I was drinking. HA! Now, they are mush, but oh well. They were still perfect my entire life.”—it stands to reason that she would have gotten such deserved attention regardless.

This Thursday, the eighth annual Songs of Hope event will take place in Santa Monica, bringing together music industry insiders to raise money to benefit the City of Hope cancer center.

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