While streaming is the hot-button topic in today’s music industry, those behind the new Daisy service would argue that the concept hasn’t reached its full potential with the fans. The new service is taking steps to become the future of streaming: opening up to app developers, allowing for more social media integration and creating a model that encourages fans of every type to take the plunge into paid subscription. Via Hypebot:

Despite the number of programed services already available, the right formula — the “killer app” of discovery curation — remains elusive. The problem is that listeners who like the notion of “millions of songs in your pocket” tend to be music fanatics with insatiable appetites and deep knowledge. They prefer to dig through record bins and program playlists themselves. They already have “trusted sources” like KCRW and Hype Machine who assist in exposing them to new artists. No one in the know about the latest music and apps, to put it bluntly, is missing out or seeking a different solution. Spotify and Rdio work just fine for fanatics.

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