Dre Skull is dancehall’s latest go-to random white guy. However, just because some may view him as an outsider doesn’t mean that he is intent on fitting in. He lacks the telltale signs of a guy trying too hard. He doesn’t sport dreads and he’s trying to strip back the genre to reveal a more “melancholy” sound. Via The Guardian:

He started in performance art, making collaborative live pieces that collaged audio and riffed on pop culture. But Dre soon became disillusioned with that world, and wanted to start making pop, rather than referencing it. “There’s something compelling about song structure; maybe it taps into some sort of architect that humans are predisposed towards being,” he says. His early productions – mostly rap music – wangled numerous meetings with the likes of Bad Boy Records, but nothing ever came to fruition. “I realised I wanted to not just wait for someone else to give me the blessing to be participating; I decided I really wanted to start my own record label and be the one in control of the music I was making.”

He went on to produce tracks for Snoop Lion, but one of his forays into dancehall is the moody “Yuh Love” by Vybz Kartel heard below.

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