Its reputation as the best-selling 12” of all-time often overshadows the daring technological innovation that made New Order’s “Blue Monday”, possible. How did Bernard Sumner and co. come to master the experimental technologies enough to even be able to form their monumental hit? Well, by farting, of course. Gillian Gilbert explains, via The Guardian:

The synthesiser melody is slightly out of sync with the rhythm. This was an accident. It was my job to programme the entire song from beginning to end, which had to be done manually, by inputting every note. I had the sequence all written down on loads of A4 paper Sellotaped together the length of the recording studio, like a huge knitting pattern. But I accidentally left a note out, which skewed the melody. We’d bought ourselves an Emulator 1, an early sampler, and used it to add snatches of choir-like voices from Kraftwerk’s album Radioactivity, as well as recordings of thunder. Bernard and Stephen [Morris, drummer] had worked out how to use it by spending hours recording farts.

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