Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” is this year’s “Gangnam Style,” but how do you convert millions of YouTube views into cash money? Via YouTube’s Content ID tool, which just so happens to be Brooklyn-based startup INDmusic’s specialty. Via Billboard Biz:

This is where the financial upswing comes in for Baauer and other beneficiaries of future music memes: Of those 103 million video views, YouTube is able to charge an estimated average of $2 for every thousand viewers — that translates to $206,000. Of that $206,000, INDmusic collects a rolling 10% of the total revenue, with another 45% (or $92,700) going to YouTube, according to preferred partner terms first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Multiple executives familiar with terms for YouTube channel partners tell Billboard that of the remaining 45% ($92,700), 10% ($9,270) goes to the person who uploaded the video and the remainder goes to the master rights owners and publisher, both of whom are Mad Decent in this case. In other words, 103 million views translates to roughly $83,500 in Mad Decent money — far from the premium CPM dollars that netted PSY an estimated $2 million in YouTube revenue from “Gangnam Style,” but a more-than-respectable total for a week’s worth of memes.

Let’s put some more money in Baauer’s pocket.

Wow. That was extremely uncomfortable.

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