Trust us, you don’t have to sell your soul and play trance remixes of classical music to make it big in electronic music. Just follow the advice of Dubspot contributor Michael Emenau and you should be fine.

Say Yes

One night, a saxophone player came to the club and sat in. The next day he sent a driver to my place to take me to Sony Studio for a recording session. While I was there, I started messing around with a synthesizer that was connected to a basic midi program (MOTU Performer 2.0). He liked what I did and offered me a job to write music for him that we would then record, and perform on tour. I had no idea how to do this but said yes. I had landed my first computer and synthesizer programming gig.

Music “Therapy”

Another reason I’ve been able to work in such a wide variety of situations is my ability to talk to artists and production companies, and ascertain what they really want. By listening, deciphering and comprehending, I can formulate suggestions and clearly articulate them. I can then take everyone’s ideas, mine included, and meld them into a clear musical vision that satisfies everyone.

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