Via Beta Beat:

In the midst of the recession, Mr. Moghadam was given a year off–with reduced pay–from the law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf. Only Berkshire Hathaway found his personal blog, Beneficent Allah, where he wrote a satirical billable memo referencing the “Ballstate Insurance Company.” Allstate was a client of Dewey’s, the offer was rescinded and long story short, Mr. Moghadam now gets to dine with Nas.

Not content with his good fortune, however, Mr. Moghadam has decided to use his company to launch a contest soliciting diss tracks–something of a habit with this guy–about Mr. Buffett. As Mr. Moghadam later explained, “Warren Buffett is a little bitch tho. I can’t believe he bought a RAILROAD with CASH. it’s like ‘hey! warren! there’s this thing.. it’s like the NEW railroad! it’s called the INTERNET!’fucking grandpa, setting the US economy back, hustling goldman sachs, true scumbag.”

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