The trailer for Kanye West’s upcoming short film Cruel Winter showed up online yesterday. As some of you may remember, Cruel Summer , the album, was preceded by Cruel Summer, the short film, which premiered at Cannes earlier this year. It would be safe to assume that this also a lead up to an album. Via Exclaim:

Directed by Austin Christianson, the minute-long clip shows some bleak, wintery nature clips and an extract from a speech by former president George Bush about a “new world order.”

Beyond that, the trailer offers no information whatsoever, so we’re still not sure when the short film will arrive or if there will be an accompanying album. It’s not even confirmed if this trailer is official or sanctioned by Kanye West; Complex tweeted Def Jam Recordings to ask if this is the Cruel Winter trailer, and the label simply responded, “No.”

Oh yeah, the whole thing is just shots of a not-quite-frozen swamp and George HW Bush’s 1991 speech declaring war on Iraq. Whatever.

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