For many, Pete Doherty is just the guy that got sweet, little, innocent ol’ Kate Moss caught up in a nose candy scandal. For the rest who weren’t so plugged into the tabloids, Doherty and his bandmates in the Libertines brought real rock n’ roll, aka the “functioning addict” trope, back for a brief period of time before imploding. Ever since disbanding, fans were left without a guide as to where to go next and sadly, some just stuck around in the same place. Via Vice:

Being from the cobbled streets of Hexham, Northumberland and Whitchurch, Hampshire respectively, Pete and Carl had every right to talk like they were born within the clanging of the Bow Bells. (You can hear them all over the country, like the Bunsfield Oil Depot explosion, right?) But that’s fine, plenty of people act that way. It wasn’t talking like somebody from Stepney when you were actually from Sutton Coldfield that was the problem, it was talking like you were from Stepney in 1897.

For some reason, Libertines fans seemed intent on driving the English language backwards; if somebody knocked your pint at one of their shows, there was a high chance they’d apologise to you as “squire” or “m’lord”. Maybe this was just a reaction against the bizarre, origin-free slang of nu-metal and late UK garage, but it’s 2012, we’ve been through post-garage and come out the other side, there’s even less need to talk like a Chaucerian rent boy than there was a decade ago.

Watch a clip from the documentary, Who The F Is Pete Doherty, below. Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to us now.

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