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Postby warmowski on Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:11 am
If there is a “Chicago sound”, its foremost recording engineer died today. Iain Burgess, Weymouth, UK native and proponent of the “huge bigness” live-centered recording approach found on important rock records throughout the 80s and 90s reportedly passed away today in France. He had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Iain was a great and generous guy and had a hell of an ear. Raise a glass (or several) for him.

Modern Radio Messageboard:

Our friend and co-conspirator for many excellent records of Rifle Sport, Cows and others passed on yesterday.

Pancreatic cancer. Not sure of his age, but way too young. A hilarious and wonderful man and engineer. Very sad.

Iain and Monty in the Entry basement, we hauled a 24-track machine and console down there for our Live In The Entry album.

An incomplete list of Iain’s inimitable discography:

* Bhopal Stiffs – EPA 12”, Self-titled 7”
* Big Black – Atomizer, Bulldozer, Racer X
* Blatant Dissent – Is There A Fear? 7”
* Bloodsport – I Am The Game LP
* The Defoliants – Grrr LP
* The Effigies – Fly on a Wire, Ink
* Heavy Manners – Politics & Pleasure EP
* Ministry – 12 Inch Singles (1981–1984)
* Naked Raygun – Throb Throb, All Rise, Jettison
* Pegboy – Three Chord Monte, Earwig
* MEN – Matrix of Compassion, Hermanutics

Fun fact: Steve Albini used to credit him as “Fartpants.”

Iain maintained a photo gallery of friends, clients, gear, and the French countryside where he resided. We’ve put two below. Rest in peace, sir.

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