The world sat watching in silence as President Obama began to speak. Eventually, his pleas for change were met with a resoundingly positive applause. Those dark days would soon be behind us, things were going to turn around, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey would become BFF‘s once again… Yeah, not even joking. When the hippest POTUS since sax man Bill called into “The Yo! Show” with Michael Yo, the host, looking to ask the hard-hitting questions, asked Obama what he thought of the American Idol feud and the President unfortunately responded. You can listen to the interview after the quote. Via The Clicker:

“Can you repair the relationship with Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj on ‘American Idol’?” Yo asked.

“I think that they are going to be able to sort it out, I am confident,” the president reassured. “I’m all about bringing people together, working for the same cause, I think both outstanding artists are going to be able to make sure that they’re moving forward and not going backwards.”

Obama revealed that if he had to pick one over the other, he might be inclined to pick Carey because “she’s actually done some events for us.” And the can of worms bursts open once again… So, yes, this is ridiculous, but is it all on Obama’s shoulders or is this just the state of politics in 2012, groveling at the foot of pop culture and social media? Via The New York Times:

This presidential election will go down as the one in which the pop-culture pander reached its ludicrous apotheosis and we were asked to believe things even more fantastical than a revenue-neutral 20-percent cut in marginal tax rates.

Things like Romney’s swoon for Snooki, whose “spark-plug personality” he praised when he manned up for a grilling from 2012’s heir to David Frost and Tim Russert. I speak, naturally, of Kelly Ripa.

Politicians once labored to affirm their seriousness, ticking off the tomes they’d read. Now they’re as likely to assert their silliness, tallying up the stars they ogle.

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