Rihanna was honored as one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year last night, beginning her speech by crying and admitting “I’m PMSed, sorry.” So this is the new face of PMS? A gorgeous, exotic pop star? I guess now guys can stop complaining when their girlfriends get bitchy once a month in the hopes that they turn into Rihanna.


If you are a Lady GaGa fan who sat around yesterday waiting for her “Bad Romance” video to make its way online, then you’re a Lady GaGa fan who ended their day with sad frown-y face. The singer, photographed above by Max Abadian for her upcoming Flare Magazine cover shoot, initially announced the clip would premiere on her site on Monday. But by the afternoon, Cherrytree Records tweeted the following: “The ‘Bad Romance’ video is delayed. When you see it- we hope tomorrow- u’ll see Lady G has been working to make it perfect.Thx 4 ur patience.”

At any rate, they say curiosity killed the cat. Or, in this case, the cat-suited pop star. So delving into comments posted at fansite GaGa Daily proved to be impossible to resist. Below is a sampling of some of the messages.

* “I hope it is up at 12:00 tonight. i was up till 4am last night and woke up at 6am. i only had 2 hours to sleep.”

* “Tomorrow??!! UhhHuhh….Yeah right……we’ll see about that. I dont beleive anything I read any more…”


For a further preview of where Idolator is headed, check out more of Robbie’s “work” on his ChartRigger blog.

Maura’s Last Post:

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that today is my last day as editor of Idolator. The site will continue on, and I will continue to write about music, but we’ve decided to part ways. Despite my nominal status as a “writer,” I am straight-up terrible at goodbyes. So I just have a list of people to thank before I exit stage left.

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