Imogen Heap looks pretty whacked out in this video where she gives the rundown of how she uses 3D space to perform her music or maybe she’s actually just auditioning for The Lawnmower Man 2 . Whoops! We just broke our one-movie-riff-per-post rule. Oh, well. We’ve previously covered her wondrous hands before, but this time she goes way in-depth, so it warranted another look. Via DJ TechTools:

The video is below – but if you need a synopsis of what to watch, here’s a quick guide:

0:00 – 7:20: her explanation of the evolution of the concept behind the instrument
7:20 – 13:20: her talk through demo of each of the different types of movements and controls available in her rig
13:20 – 19:56: her performance

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