And for the next hour they played a 13-song set that included all the hits plus a handful of rarely heard, firm fan favourites including “Advert”, “For Tomorrow” and “Out of Time”, and ended with an emotional “This is A Low”.

The teething troubles with forgotten words and pot plants continued with Albarn throwing water on to the crowd and bouncing around the stage for “Popscene” before getting the microphone wire tangled up so badly that a roadie had to come and sort it out. But it was the music that mattered, and it reminded everyone there just what great songs this band has to its name. Rowntree teased the crowd with a slow start on “Song 2” that gradually increased before that famous riff from Coxon raised the roof.

“Parklife” was equally well received after Albarn stole some horn-rimmed glasses from a punter before shouting the lyrics directly into the faces of the delighted front row.

There was no encore however, despite the fans begging for more. When asked how he thought it went, James said: “You tell me. There were a lot of people crying.”

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