These guys take their karaoke very, very, very seriously. The man behind Baby Ketten Karaoke, John Brophy, even rebuilds songs from scratch, creating an original karaoke version. It goes without saying that you probably won’t hear Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” too often. Via The New York Times:

To build his B.K.K. originals, Brophy scours eBay for old 45s with instrumental B-sides. He sometimes builds hip-hop songs by isolating the samples the original producers used and stacking them block by block, like Legos. He works on songs online with a network of like-minded D.I.Y. K.J.’s around the world. Sometimes, in a sound-dampened studio in his basement, he records whole tracks from scratch, playing the guitar and bass himself. He once drove himself crazy recording the bass for Joy Division’s “Transmission.”

A regular performs “Hey” by the Pixies.

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