The alluring Johnny Hallyday has sold 110 million albums, completed 100 tours and has had 18 platinum albums, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a little eccentric. Via The Quietus:

By the late seventies it was clear that Hallyday was far more important as a live performer than as a recording artist. Touring tirelessly, Hallyday’s live albums had been a staple of his output from the very beginning (the current total stands at twenty-six and counting). By 1979 Hallyday had already staged some outlandish spectacles and had established himself as a complete stranger to subtlety. In 1967 he had experimented with concert audio visuals on an ambitious scale while, in a neat comment on his roots and essential character as a performer, the 1972 show Johnny Circus was staged in a big top. 1976 had seen the first of Hallyday’s experiments with rock opera – a strongly prog-influenced double concept album based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet – but the record flopped and the accompanying show never happened. Hallyday’s ambitions were far from dampened and in 1979 he staged L’Ange Aux Yeux De Lasers – a sci-fi spectacular, using the kind of light show Jean Michel Jarre had unveiled just months earlier at his famous Bastille Day concert at Paris’s Place de la Concorde. With characteristic aplomb, Hallyday wore a silver spacesuit and goggles which shot lasers at the audience, and the attendance figures for this show alone were over a quarter of a million.


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