Hipster Runoff:

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti released an album called “Before Today.” The wind was sorta taken out of its sails because it leaked a really long time ago, and there weren’t really ‘build up memes’ in place to keep fans engaged with the album cycle. Anyways, the Pitchforks decided to give his album a 9.0, possibly paving the way for a ‘Top 5′ finish in 2k10 for Ariel Pink. Album seemed pretty reliable, and he hasn’t reached the point in his career where ‘backlash hype’ needs to be considered/managed. The review was the traditional ‘look how far this lofi band has come and evolved in2 a professional musician’ type of review….

Then they talked about how Ariel Pink inspired an entire generation of shitty home recording bros to ’start their own sound projects’ aka ‘he basically invented chillwave’:

His records didn’t reach a lot of people, but many of those who heard them were inspired to start home recording projects of their own. So as different kinds of lo-fi music bubbled up from the indie underground in the last couple of years– from more placid chillwave to roughed-up garage rock to abstract instrumental music– and many of these bands were talking about his influence, all of a sudden Ariel Pink started looking way ahead of the game.

Damn. Can’t believe the question of “Who invented chillwave?” was finally answered

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