The fine folks of XLR8R have started a new feature series called, “Welcome to…,” where they cover scenes and movements that warrant a closer look. First up? The internet! Via XLR8R:

These artists refer to the past, but through the flattening viewfinder of the web; there’s no longing to return to an earlier time or style because it’s all here, right now—all equally valid and equally LOLworthy. The space away from media-conveying screens that “IRL” once described has collapsed rapidly, to the point where—philosophically at least—there’s no lack, no difference between this and the real world.

One such artist is RL Grime, the Wedidit crew’s heavy hitter, who has to field questions about what “trap” music means in its new non-trap context on a consisten basis.

“I started going to shows and festivals primarily to see dance-music acts. I think now, the resurgence of rap within dance music was exactly what people wanted.” He admits having “super mixed feelings” about the word “trap,” recognizing its usefulness on the one hand while admitting that, for him, “all serious connotations [of the term] have been thrown out the window…”

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