German automaker Volkswagon has come under fire for an ad set to air during this Sunday’s Superbowl, which sees a white Minnesotan develop a laid back attitude and Cool Runnings-esque Jamaican accent after driving a Volkswagon. Some folks have called the ad racist, saying it plays on stereotypes of Jamaican people.

Jamaican pop-dancehall star Sean Paul, however, has no problem with the ad. Via BET:

Sean says, “It’s no different than the Italian accents in The Sopranos or the English accent in Guy Ritchie’s movies.”

As far as the Grammy-award winning reggae artist is concerned, “It’s just entertainment.”

The members of the reggae band Inner Circle second that feeling.

TMZ also spoke with the group, best known for performing the “Cops” theme song, and they gave VW the thumbs up for the ad.

“Duplication is the highest form of flattery, and our culture is a happy culture with good vibes,” IC members told TMZ.

VW says that they stand by the ad, as the had a dialect coach on site, and tested it in front of an audience of 100 Jamaicans.

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