This fall, get ready for a slew of rock stars spilling all the details that you kind of wanted to know. Even the great Morissey has decided to join the fray, we can only hope that his literary offering doesn’t amount to a giant list of stuff that bums him out. Via The Guardian:

Blame Bob and Keith – and Patti too. If it weren’t for the runaway success of Dylan’s Chronicles (published 2004), Richards’s Life (2010) and, to a slightly lesser extent, Just Kids by Patti Smith (also 2010), the shelves this autumn would not be heaving under the weight of recollections by rock’s big beasts. Between now and Christmas, autobiographies are expected from Neil Young and Pete Townshend, Rod Stewart and Peter Hook, not to mention the biggest beast of them all, perhaps – Steven Patrick Morrissey. In between, we have high-profile biographies of Leonard Cohen and Led Zeppelin, an appreciation of Prince and an account by Mick Jagger’s accountant. Rarely have the half-remembered recollections of artists, many au fait with recreational chemistry, been more in demand.

Peep a clip of Morrissey performing the Smiths’ classic, “How Soon Is Now?” below while you anxiously ponder what lies in the pages of his long-awaited autobiography.

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