Jack White is known as a rather odd duck, but this time his eccentricity has gone a little too far for fans who attended his sold-out concert at the Radio City Music Hall on Saturday night. After performing for roughly 45 minutes, Mr. White left the stage and never came back out for an encore. After fans realized that they had paid upwards of $40 for less than of hour of entertainment, a mini-riot broke out, prompting many to speculate what actually happened. Via The New York Observer:

Outside Radio City, a group of more than 100 people began to gather outside the main backstage exit booing and demanding answers as to why the show concluded so abruptly. Security quickly erected barricades and began pushing the crowd back. In addition to banging on parked cars and the repeated shouts of “Fuck Jack White,” we overheard a few more inventive bits of invective.

“Jack White kills puppies,” one man yelled.

“I’m going to fuck Meg White,” another person said, referring to Mr. White’s former White Stripes bandmate.

“Bababooey!” someone else yelled, perhaps inevitably.

Fans became even more enraged when a delivery man went backstage bearing pizzas, much to the ire of the crowd who felt that the concert did not warrant a congratulatory slice. Rumors swirled as to what may have triggered the abrupt ending. Some claimed that a shirtless man in the front row was continuously heckling White during the show, while others say omnipresent ticket scalpers put him in the foul mood. Whatever the reason, the fans have spoken and they are not happy. White’s PR team responded with “no statement” when asked what happened.

Watch the former fan-favorite perform a surprise gig at SXSW in 2011. To see how Twitter reacted to White’s all-too-brief performance, head over to Buzzfeed.

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