One guy went to the moon; the other guy gets Moonman awards from MTV (and wrote a song called “White Moon” with The White Stripes). Yes, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin has interviewed Jack White! The proof, via Interview Magazine:

BUZZ ALDRIN: Yeah, I’m here.

JACK WHITE: Buzz, this is Jack. How you doing?

ALDRIN: Couldn’t be better. It’s a busy time of year. I’m supposed to borrow somebody’s Bentley and go on up to West Point to have this room dedicated in my honor.

WHITE: At West Point?

ALDRIN: Yeah. They’ve got a hotel up there and they’re gonna put a plaque with my name on one of the rooms, so you can come up there and see a lot of pictures of me inside this room.

WHITE: I might have to stay in the Buzz Aldrin room.

ALDRIN: It’s gonna be there for a while—I hope. They might tear it down eventually and put up the name of somebody else who has been to Venus or Mercury. You’re in Memphis?

WHITE: Yeah, we’re playing here tonight. Where are you, Buzz?

ALDRIN: I’m in Los Angeles, in Century City. We’re occupying a temporary residence . . . I filed for divorce back in June. You don’t know about things like that, do you?

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