Of course it is. And yo, that little guy Blanket always looks like he’s about to shank somebody. I’d watch out for him.

Is anyone in this situation considering the welfare of Michael Jackson’s children? Katherine is a very sweet person. Marlon and Tito are human. The rest of them? I doubt it.

In a nutshell, certain members of the family, led by Randy Jackson, have convinced themselves that they have a way of obtaining control of Michael Jackson’s estate. The only way they can do that is to get Katherine Jackson to sign over power of attorney.

That would give them the ability to sue the estate. I think Katherine was deceived into a situation in which she is effectively being held hostage. I don’t mean physically, or that she might be harmed, but that she has been told a lot of lies. And she hasn’t been able to speak with anyone who would correct that. She did speak with the children yesterday.

I’m certain she isn’t being well advised. If she were in contact with her lawyers and advisers she wouldn’t be in this situation .

Randy and his father, Joe, have been determined to get control of the estate since the day Michael died. . . . Randy has a history that would make it certain that would never happen. . . . His own brother accused him of essentially stealing from him.

There is real anger and suspicion directed at Frank Branca (co-executor of the estate). Michael told many people that he felt that Branca had taken advantage of him. The family knows what that trust means. The Jackson family has access to the estate only as long as Katherine is alive. Once she dies, all of Michael’s siblings, his nieces and nephews are cut off.

Janet is the No. 2 in this, though she’s No. 1 in the power hierarchy. She’s become the new Michael of the family and she doesn’t want the family turning to her for handouts. Does she want Frank Branca brought down? I would just be guessing at what all of Janet’s motives might be.

There are risks for all of them…


The Jackson Family is Pretty Messed Up:

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