It looks like Jordan Catalano may have learned industry rule number 4,080. 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto has made a film about his band’s legal troubles with EMI. The label sued 30 Seconds for $30 million after they tried to get out their contract. Leto’s documentary about his battle with the label, Artifact, recently debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Via The Vulture (NY Mag):

Jared Leto lives in Los Angeles, but at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of his documentary Artifact, about his band 30 Seconds to Mars’s legal battle with their record label, EMI, last week, he was definitely on home field. Nearly everyone in attendance seemed to be a megafan; we spotted several women with pyramid tattoos symbolizing their devotion to an elite “family” of 30 Seconds to Mars fans known as the Echelon. When the frontman and sometimes-actor (Jordan Catalano!) told the crowd he would take questions from those who’d come from furthest afield, a woman next to us shouted, “I’m from Portugal!” Leto didn’t hear. Then he said he’d take questions from people from Toronto. “What about from Buffalo?!” shouted the same woman. By the end of the Q&A, after having not gotten picked, she had run to the stage and was throwing a scarf (a gift, presumably) at Leto and holding her hand over her heart telling him he didn’t know what he means to people. After that display, he probably does. And after Leto led the audience in a “Yes, we can” chant about voting for the film, it won the People’s Choice Award for best documentary, despite having debuted just three days before the end of the festival.

Leto directed the film under the pseudonym Bartholomew Cubbins, possibly for legal reasons, probably just because he’s weird.

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