If this story doesn’t make your day, there’s something wrong with you. Via Fuse:

That Friday I was doing what most Brooklynites in my ‘hood were doing: staring at the Barclays Center, the borough’s beautiful new Frank Gehry-designed arena, and imagining how dope it’d be to see Jay-Z christen it. Not two hours later I was on the VIP line, standing next to Dave Chappelle, collecting my two tickets to see the Jigga-man himself tear down the house he (sort of) built.

How did all this happen? It all started with a phone call from my brother-in-law, Nate Fish. Our exchange went like this:

Me: Hey Nate.

Nate: Yo, do you have a menorah?

Me: What? Yeah, of course. Why?

Nate: Cool. JAY-Z needs it backstage. 

Nate said this like it was a normal request, like he’s often involved with lending religious items to the most famous pop stars on the planet (he is, in fact, not). But, as it turns out, Nate’s good pal and high school classmate John was producing the concert series at Barclays and was tasked with locating a menorah, STAT. Knowing Nate was a devout Jew, who had even played for the Israeli Baseball League (he’s the King of Jewish Baseball), John made the call.

That’s right, Jay-Z borrowed a menorah – to symbolize his eight-night Barclays Center homecoming – from the current resident of his “Empire State of Mind” stash house, 560 State Street.

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