Jeff Mills talked to Beatport about how he has kept his Axis label on a steady course for 20 years and his decision to retire The Wizard. Via Beatport:

Even though we know that our releases aren’t the easiest to understand or even listen to, we remain devoted to the idea that a certain amount of people will always prefer to experience new things, rather than hear the same thing over and over again. We think there is still value in taking chances.

Mills also said that the lukewarm reception to his appearance as The Wizard at last year’s Movement festival lead him to believe that the crowd has changed.

I thought it went well, but from what I heard afterwards many people were not satisfied with hearing an eclectic set, or at least an eclectic set from me. This was unfortunate to hear because Detroit had always been a place where the mixing of music styles was common—and infamous for. There were not many places that I can play as The Wizard outside of Detroit and the surrounding areas because certain tracks had to be recognized and highly noted by those who remember them in context from when they were first heard and introduced on Detroit radio in the 1980s. I sense there weren’t many people of that age or generation attending [Movement] last year, so as a clear indication to the way things have progressed, The Wizard is a historic concept that will indefinitely rest with last year’s festival.

What do you think of his set?

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