Funny or Die:

Let me first say this: I apologize for exposing the world, yet again, to the chaotic forces flowing from my former partner. Anyone out there who reads his blog or follows him on Twitter is fully aware of his twisted proclivities. To that end, I am sorry anyone has to endure his abrasive rants, off-color poetry and drug-induced visions. Ok…I chuckled a couple of times at a few things, but most of it is straight pigswill.

I’m sure you’re wondering why a person like me, a man committed to peace and wellness, let alone being The Crown Prince of Rock n’ Soul, would let a degenerate junkie back into his life. Good question my friend. The only explanation I can safely offer you is this: trust me. Trust that I’m only working with him again to serve the greater good. In time, all will be revealed.

John Oates
of the Rock n’ Soul super duo Hall&Oates

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