Good news! The KLF is, once again, going to rock you. The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. A number of the band’s albums showed up on various online music services last night, despite being deleted over 20 years ago. Via NME:

Copies of 'The White Room’, 'Chill Out’, 'The White Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’, 'The Lost Sounds Of Mu Vols 1 And 2’ and 'Space’ all appeared on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify overnight and remain there at the time of writing. Fans can stream all of the tracks and purchase full albums as well as separate songs through the download stores.

The KLF famously deleted all of their albums, meaning no further copies would ever be made available, when they split in 1992. It is not known if band members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty are behind their reemergence or if it is an outside party.

This has made our day. Seriously. We are going home to download the entire catalogue immediately.

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