Justin Timberlake, arguably, had one of the better performances at last night’s Grammy awards. He continues his relentless campaign by releasing a stream of new track, “Mirrors,” off of his up coming LP, The 20/20 Experience. Even though it seems to be about new spouse, Jessica Biel, the track definitely doesn’t suck. Watch the mouth-salivating commence. Via Stereogum:

When you hit the halfway mark, the track materializes into the multi-layered space pop we’ve come to expect from JT and Timbaland. While a lot of these layers are Timberlake repeating “You are the love of my life,” the innovation negates the saccharine — or maybe I am just becoming a sap. All up for debate. I do think this song begs for a remix from Future. Just putting that out there, Universe. Check out “Mirrors” below.

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