Songstress Kathleen Edwards has apparently formed a girl group called Modern Beaver, which we can only assume is a reference to her Canadian Heritage. The project will feature several other proud Canuck women, including Hannah Georgeas and Julie Fader. Via Spinner:

“I have some time off in November and I’m working on this all-lady band called Modern Beaver,” she told the publication, adding it was a “Canadian explosion of sexual fantasy and sloppy rock ‘n’ roll.”

This morning, however, the article’s headline—“Kathleen Edwards Introduces Her New Fake All-Female Canadian Band Modern Beaver”—seemed to rub Edwards the wrong way, inferring the group was fake.

”@exclaimnews please print a correction,” Modern Beaver tweeted. “This is not fake. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny, either. Serious motherfucking beavers here.”

On her own account Edwards also tweeted, “MODERN BEAVER IS REAL. @modernbeaver Suck on this, beavers!!!”

We have just been informed that in this context, “beaver” may NOT, in fact, be referring to Canada’s national animal. This changes everything.

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