Toronto-based DJ/production duo Zeds Ded were forced to cancel their performance in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory due to multiple overdoses in the audience. What’s worse is that all of these medical emergencies occurred prior to the duo even taking the stage. Fans who traveled from near and far were shit out of luck, unless they were old enough to make it into the rescheduled 21+ show nearby. At least four cases were confirmed, though reports suggest as many as nine people overdosed. Via Philly.com:

“There were a bunch of people standing near the ambulances, crying, like their friends were the ones who overdosed,” said Lepiane, a senior at North Penn High School. She estimated there were about 20 people standing around, and they appeared to be about 17 years old.

Lepiane said she didn’t see anyone selling drugs or overdosing.

“I saw a couple of people around me doing pills and stuff, but I didn’t ask. One kid had a bloody nose and he said it was from snorting, so that was kind of crazy,” she said.

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