Following the lead of outlets like Old Navy and Forever 21, both of whom have recently caught shit for selling-royalty-and-context-free band wear, Kohl’s has been accused of ripping off YACHT on a new T-shirt. Via Exclaim:

Over on the band’s Twitter, they’ve retweeted someone named Cabel Maxfield Sasser, who writes, “My good pals in http://teamyacht.com sang 'If I can’t go to heaven / let me go to LA’. I guess @Kohls is a fan?”

He then shared this link to Kohl’s online store, where you’ll find a T-shirt that contains a verbatim quote of the lyrics from the band’s “Shangri-La” single.

Think it’s just a coincidence? Well, the typography on the shirt also borrows heavily from YACHT’s aesthetic, replacing all of the A’s with triangles. If there’s one thing YACHT love to use in their band imagery, it’s triangles. Hell, they’ve even built a belief system around them.

Neither YACHT nor Kohl’s have commented as of yet.

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