With our new monthly iPad version opening up a whole new portal of all singing all dancing content, we wanted this fifth annual Guest Editors’s issue – the ‘Sound + Vision’ edition – to be our most multi-sensory issue yet. So, we called on (these) masters of avant garde music and art to produce a feast for eyes and ears.

The pioneers of electronic, man-machine music, Kraftwerk exploded into the hippy haze of the early 1970s and filled the air with an insistent machine-made beat that spoke of the future. Ahead of their time both musically and artistically, they’ve paved the way for a current generation of musicians and artists and influenced everyone from Thomas Demand and Andreas Gursky to cyclist David Millar and art director Neville Brody. Their guest editor slot features a new and exclusive portfolio of literally dimension-altering Kraftwerk imagery in 3D.

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