You don’t have to like Kylie Minogue’s music, but it’s hard not to find her charming, or to be impressed with ability to survive. Kylie knows what she’s doing. If you don’t believe us, read this interview. Via Quietus:

Cards on the table, right up front: I believe Kylie Minogue is a pop genius. And before we go any further, it’s necessary to clarify exactly what is meant by that. The rockist, hippy notion of ‘genius’ involves the self-made auteur, toiling away at the coalface with their bare fingernails, carving out a monolithic monument to their own ego. In pop – which is where Kylie Minogue utterly excels – the skill set is different. Pop, by its very nature, is synthetic and collaborative, and therefore pop genius is about having a vision of exactly what you want, and knowing exactly who you need to work with (songwriters, producers, video directors, costume designers, choreographers) in order to create a heightened uber-self, a perfect pop THING to send out into the world.

So I tell her this, and I tell her why. Kylie, I think you are a pop genius.

Kylie Minogue: Um, thanks, firstly! That’s very kind. I guess if you look at it that way, with pop there’s more pieces of the pie, therefore there’s more risk, because there’s more elements that need to work together to make it… fantastic. Rock seems to be a different beast, although they still need someone to put their video together, someone to design their album cover… There’s not that many people who are completely self-manufactured.

Also, she doesn’t age. It’s weird. She must sleep in the blood of babies.

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