Hey guys in your late 20s and early 30s, are you feeling more and more aware of the fact that your youth has passed you by? Having trouble dealing with that? Are you really, really bummed that you never got to be in a boy band? Well it may not be too late. Turn-of-the-millennium British boy band 5ive are planning to reunite for an ITV special, and need a fifth member, or else their name will be stupider than it already is. (Former 5iver Jason Brown has opted not to take part in the reunion. We can only assume his wife told him he needed to stay home because it was his night with the baby.) Via Gigwise:

However, Jason 'J’ Brown has declined to appear in the show, and so the band are looking for a replacement, according to The Sun.

Band founder Chris Herbert posted on Facebook: “Looking for a member to join an established and extremely successful band. If you are male… late 20s early 30s, singer and/or rapper, great looks and swagga, inbox me… THIS COULD BE YOUR CALLING!

There you go guys, it’s not too late.

We’re fairly certain several members of The Daily Swarm staff will be auditioning for the gig.

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