It’s violently awful, just as karaoke should be! James takes on MJ’s “I Wanna Rock With You” and Shai’s “If I Ever Fall in Love.” All hail King James! Via Slate:

I have a very strong belief about karaoke: It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer. It matters if you’re an enthusiastic performer. And while LBJ’s MJ is only OK, the Shai double-team with Wade is a fantastic karaoke moment. They pull a flabbergasted woman out of the audience, install her in a big white throne, and serenade her. LeBron gets down on his knees to pledge his love, and eventually ends up mock-battling with Wade for her hand. Like the onstage subjects of the routines in Magic Mike, the woman is obviously delighted, and the crowd devours it. And LeBron is a showman! He’s loose, funny, and silly—all the things he rarely lets himself be in public anymore.

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