So, there’s good news and bad news for Zep fans. The good news is that the band’s new concert film Celebration Day –­ shot at their 2007 reunion show – had its US premiere last night, and will be out on DVD and Blu-ray in November. The bad news is that the remaining band members pretty much dismissed any chance of a reunion tour during the press conference. That, and the fact that plastic surgery has caused Jimmy Page to look uncannily like Karl Lagerfeld. Via New York Times

“Sorry,” said John Paul Jones, the bassist, when he was asked what he would say to fans who wanted to see the group play again “in the flesh.” Jimmy Page, the band’s guitarist and founder, said a reunion “seems unlikely,” given the band’s members have not worked together since the 2007 concert at London’s 02 Arena that is the subject of the new film.

And Robert Plant, the vocalist, batted away another reporter’s question about a possible reunion with a joke: “We’ve been thinking about all sorts of things,” he said. He paused for a beat. “Then we can’t remember what we’ve been thinking about.”

“Expectations are horrific things,” Mr. Plant added later. “To actually do anything at all together is such a kind of incredible weight.”

Tread carefully Jimmy, the next stop from here is Jocelyn Wildenstein.


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