Lee “Scratch Perry, the eccentric reggae and dub innovator, sat down with The Village Voice and gave one of the best interviews we’ve ever read. Though “coherent” isn’t exactly a word we would use to describe it, there is something about Perry’s stream-of-consciousness way of speaking that is refreshing. Given that so many artists tend to harp on about how the process of making music changes with age, it’s nice to hear from someone that is so pure and unhinged at the same time. Perry gives an especially entertaining answer when asked what he thinks of dubstep. Via The Village Voice:

You’ve got to have some talent to live and only clean talent will survive. Unclean talent will end up in hell, eating politician’s shit. Dead meat shit, beef shit, cow foot shit, goat head shit, buffalo neck shit. Greed have them killed, grudge have them hang.

Sure… Watch Perry at work in the studio below.

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