(Via Resident Advisor)

When Ina Pillat was told that a 1960s East German research lab for electronic sound generation was a world leader in its field, she didn’t believe it. Pillat grew up in Görlitz, the easternmost town in the GDR, during the ’60s and ’70s and, like most people at the time, was more aware of her tough living conditions than the state’s technological advancements. “It was East Berlin, and they weren’t the best times for me and for most of us,” she says. “But then I came back and I started to read about it, and I found out: it’s true!” She had cause to question the achievements of the Labor für Akustisch-Musikalische Grenzprobleme (Laboratory of Musical-Acoustic Boundary Problems) during the research stages of Subharchord, a forthcoming documentary film she directs that tells the story of an East German electronic instrument that was almost forgotten.

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