Though popular electronic music began as an intensive group effort, the rise of software over hardware has made production an increasingly solitary activity. However, there are those that put a high value on peer input, collaborating with others as a way to rethink their process. XLR8R rounded up some of today’s most exciting producers and asked them why teamwork is vital to their creativity. Via XLR8R:

Similarly, having someone else involved in a project can also help break past creative walls. Tom Edwards of Dark Sky says, “I’m a lot slower when I write music. I can hit a wall quite early on. But working with other people, like Matt and Carlo, they bring that extra bit of inspiration by bringing other stuff to the table than [I would have] on my own.” Marc Romboy agrees. “It’s like when you’re married, or have a good buddy, or you’re [playing] sports. It’s always nice [because] when you reach a point of doubt, your partner can convince you and give you a secure feeling again.”

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