Lil B is maybe planning a career change or most likely he’s just doing something outlandish to get attention. Via Pitchfork:

Now his dabblings have crossed over from fandom to particiption: Lil B has made good on his promise to try out for a local team. Although it wasn’t the NBA‘s Golden State Warriors, as he originally said, he did attend open tryouts for D-League Santa Cruz Warriors this weekend.
“At the nba warriors tryouts right now just did a interview for the news, love to the whole golden state warriors staff i love yall”, he wrote on Twitter. And later, “ITS CRAZY CUZ I THOUGHT COACH WUD BE PLAYING ME AS THE 1 AT NBA TRY OUTS TODAY BUT HE WANTED ME AT THE 2, TODAY WAS #BASED HISTORY.”

Peep some of Lil B’s skills in his music video for “Warm Ups.”

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