Nine-year-old rapper Lil Poopy is known for his shockingly mature bravado, which may have finally hit the fan for Poopy’s father. Poopy aka Luie Rivera Jr. is also well-known as a member of French Montana’s Coke Boys crew. How’s that for street cred? A prepubescent Poopy in the Coke Boys? Via CNN:

The Brockton, Massachusetts, police department contacted the state’s Department of Children and Families after receiving a call from a “concerned citizen” who saw the boy in videos featuring sexual themes and drug references. The state agency is brought in when there is suspicion of physical, mental, or emotional abuse of a child, according to Brockton police Lt. Robert Sergio.

Oh, feel free to come up with another snappy headline in the comments. We didn’t want to dwell on potty humor for too long.

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