Def Jam signee and Chief Keef associate Lil Reese has been caught assaulting a woman, possibly his baby’s mother, on video. Reese has admitted that yes, it is him in the video, but claims that the video is “years” old. Via Hip-Hop DX:

In the clip, the two engage in a verbal altercation before they come to blows. The Chief Keef affiliate violently attacks the woman by repeatedly punching her, continuing the assault as she lays on the ground.

Even if you manage to ignore the fact that this behavior is unacceptable and disgusting, you still have to deal with the fact that he’s basically mounted the worst defense ever. He’s basically saying “OK, fine. I was totally caught committing a crime on video, but it was a while ago, so we’re cool right?”

Here’s what he had to say about the incident on Twitter.

If you feel the need to see the video, here it is.

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