Lil Wayne has addressed his sudden beef with the Miami Heat, saying that he is still cool with LeBron James, LeBron’s mom Gloria, and the City of Miami as a whole. Via All Hip Hop:

“As far as the city of Miami, I do want to apologize for the misunderstanding… that everybody thinking I got something against the city, because that’s totally, totally, totally, wrong. I mean these people accepted me with open arms since day one.”

That said, he still doesn’t like the Heat management or Dwyane Wade, and doesn’t back down from his earlier statements about having had sex with power forward Chris Bosh’s wife.

“Other than that though, I don’t take nothing back,” Wayne tells 99.1′s Felisha Monet. “That was at my party. On my stage. I can say whatever I want sweetheart.”

He did, however, explain the source of the rift between himself and his former new favorite team.

He also goes on to explain the riff with the Miami Heat stemmed from an on the floor encounter with Dwayne Wade where the two exchanged expletives towards each other.

“Y’all don’t ‘f” with me. I don’t ‘f’ with y’all. Y’all don’t ‘f’ with me. He look me dead in my eye and his exact words was, ‘we don’t’,” Wayne recalls on the conversation with Wade. “So I said, ‘okay, well ‘f’ you then’. He say [sic], ‘well ‘f’ you’… From that point on it’s ‘f’ everything about the Heat.”

Despite tweeting that the Heat got police to make him leave the arena that day, Wayne does acknowledge during the call that he was not removed from the venue.

This isn’t that big a deal, really. Wayne is a pretty infamous bandwagon jumper when it comes to sports, and will undoubtedly be really into the Clippers or the Knicks or something by the time the playoffs roll around.

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