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The suit charges that the company promised to give Lil (we prefer to call him that, rather than Wayne) approval over the final cut. But they didn’t! And instead they, gasp, presented an attempted scandalous “documentary” at Sundance. And to get into all of this, the Lil’s lawyers decided to lead their complaint with Bernie Madoff, drawing some bizarre connection that we now live in the age of people conning other people.

From the court documents:

Corporate greed and fraud reached its zenith in 2008. Bernard Madoff stole $56 billion dollars from unsuspecting victims. A prominent attorney pretended to be someone else and made off with $380 million dollars. Apparently not content to sit on the sidelines and see this brazen hustlers make off with all the money, Digerati Holdings, LLC decided it wanted to participate in its own massive con game.

In its attempt to adhere to 2008’s corporate mantra to fleece as many people as possible, Digerati Holdings concocted a staggering con game which ensnared one of the kings of Hip Hop, Lil’ Wayne. Digerati Holdings enticed Lil’ Wayne to participate in a motion picture documentary about himself. The artifice used by Digerati Holdings to entice Lil Wayne’s participation was the promise that Lil Wayne would have absolute final approval of the contents of the documentary before it was released, exhibited, and distributed. Yet, once it has captured on film what it thought was a scandalous portrayal of Lil Wayne, one designed to damage his image and hard his reputation, Digerati Holdings rushed to release, exhibit and distribute the film rather than permit Lil Wayne to exercise his right of approval over the contents of the film.


The son of legendary music producer Quincy Jones has been named in a lawsuit from Grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne stemming from an alleged “scandalous portrayal” of the rapper in a documentary.

Digerati Holdings and QD3 Entertainment—owned by Quincy Delight Jones III—shot a documentary film about Lil Wayne. In exchange, the companies agreed to give Lil Wayne final approval over what made the final cut.

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In early December last year, the companies screened the film for Lil Wayne’s manager, who advised them to remove objectionable content from the film. They sent another clip in January to the manager for review and approval. The manager once more demanded that all objectionable content be removed. However, instead of doing so, they allegedly presented a “scandalous portrayal” of the rapper at Sundance without his approval.

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